Poultry, Gamebirds and WaterfowlWhen you come to the swap, have an extra copy of your pullorum test report to leave at the front desk.   The Club has to retain a copy for our records.

All Poultry, Gamebirds and Waterfowl over 4 months of age will require a copy VS9-3 or equivalent form.   Out of state sellers need a copy of NPIP 9-3 or a vet inspection including waterfowl too.   Testing must be done within 90 days of the swap.  Pigeons and cage birds are exempt.

If you have young birds under 4 months and want to sell them at the swap, you have to be an NPIP member or have bought them from an NPIP hatchery.  Bring a copy of a VS9-3 with you.

A Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian is OK.   There is also a list of persons in WI that are certified to test your birds for you.  On the internet type in WI  Certified Pullorum tester list, listed by county is on our website.

If you wish to become an NPIP member, contact the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture, P.O. Box 891, Madison, WI  53708-8911 or call Margie Probst at (608)224-4877 or Dr. Myron Kebus at (608)224-4876.


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